Frequently Asked Questions

This is the list of Frequently-Asked Questions about No-Nonsens inc. products. It has answers to most of the common questions people ask about products. Beside this the FAQ provides answers to all kind of global questions, for example about ordening, support and product delivery. The FAQ is intended as a first resource for users, authors, developers, and the interested reader.

Ordering and Taxes:

Instant download
At this moment we do not support instant downloads. All orders placed (both PayPal and Digital River / MyCommerce) are processed manually. 99% of our customers receive a download link by email within 8 hours after placing an order. Most orders however are processed even faster.

How can I place an order?
The fastest and easiest way to obtain a No-Nonsens inc. product license is through our online store. After you pick the license that best suits your needs, click on the order button next to it.

What types of credit cards do you accept?
Our payment providers accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and Switch/Maestro. The advantage of using a credit card to make your payment is that your order will be processed immediately and you will receive the product activation code within 2 working days. If your Credit Card provider is not mentioned in the list above, you can also pay via bank transfer or check. For more details on available payment options, please read the “Ordering information” section on our website.

How can I obtain a written quote?
Customers who prefer to receive a quote before ordering can contact Digital River / MyCommerce. More information about his topic can be found on our ordering pages.

Do you accept purchase orders?
As a corporate client, you can generally order using a purchase order through Digital River / MyCommerce. More information about his topic can be found on our ordering pages.

Do the prices in your webstore include taxes?
Prices in our webstore do NOT include Value Added Tax (“VAT”) which may be applicable if you are resident in a European Union country. VAT (if applicable) is charged at the appropriate national rate for your country. The amount of VAT (if any) and the total price of the product will be clearly shown on the secure order form, after you select your Country of residence, but before you give final confirmation that you do want to proceed with the purchase.

To make sure you receive a VAT invoice please include your VAT ID. We advise European Customers to place there order through Digital River / MyCommerce.

What is VAT ID and where do I enter it?
Private customers from EU member states must pay VAT on purchases of electronically-delivered products. If your company resides in the European Union and has a valid VAT-ID, please enter this information in the VAT ID field of our payment provider. Corporate and/or private customers from USA and othernon-EU countries are NOT affected by this regulation.

Why did I not receive my activation key?
When we receive payment confirmation from our payment provider you will receive your product activation information within 2 working days (normally within 8 hours and mostly even faster).

How we process orders:
When we receive payment confirmation from our payment provider we will set up an account for your Personal Product Pages, we create a license key and all required information will be emailed to you.

We’ve noticed occasions where our email was mistakenly marked as being spam and therefore removed from your organisations mail server. When we do not get a reply from you within 2 working days we will send two reminders to you. One from our default mail server and on from our ISP mail server. If again both messages are also rejected by your organisations mail server we have no means of contacting you.

Can I order a CD or USB thumb drive from your products?
Our products are only available via download, products are not available for purchase on CD or USB drives. As long as you keep your license information, you can always re-download the software you purchased. So please keep a copy of your activation key in a secure place and don’t share it with others.

Do you work with resellers?
Our word-wide reseller is Digital River / Mycommerce. You can order your products from our webstore or directly at our reseller.

Is the online ordering process secure?
Yes. Our website is and the websites of our resellers are completely secure and private. Our site uses SSL encryption to ensure the security and confidentiality of your order. Additionally, we employ 128-bit encryption and authentication.

Special Pricing:

Do you offer discounts to educational organizations?
We offer educational licenses for some of our products. See our website product section for more information about educational licenses.

Do you offer volume discounts?
Most of our products are available as single license, multiple license, enterprise license and unlimited enterprise license. We advise volume licenses if you intent to purchase more than 2 licenses of our products.


How do you process payments?
We do not process payments on our site. We use the secure payment platforms of our payment providers Digital River / MyCommerce and PayPal

Order Cancellation:

Do you offer refunds?
No-Nonsens inc. does not offer Refund and Cancellation of any of its Products and Services other than in case a credit card was stolen and used to purchase a No-Nonsens inc. product license. Our customers have the ability to fully test our products for 30 days (sometimes even longer) before committing to an order, allowing plenty of time to make a fully informed decision before buying.

All No-Nonsens inc. software products are available as Trial versions. We recommend our Users to try out the software before purchasing the license to use it for their business.

Product Delivery:

How will I receive the purchased software?
If you purchase the software you will receive a download link by email that will allow you to download your purchased products.

How do I obtain my activation key?
After placing an order you should receive two e-mails: one from our payment providers with payment information, including a receipt and later on a confirmation email from us.

What should I do if I do not receive my activation key?
Activation keys are typically emailed within two business days (weekends and Dutch holidays excluded) after the order was placed. If you do not receive your activation key by the end of the second working day, please contact us and include the following order information:

  • Email address entered during order placement
  • Correct or alternate email address
  • Name
  • Billing Address
  • Order number
  • Phone number

Once we receive your inquiry, we will check your order and reply to your request.

Why don’t I receive my activation key immediately after ordering?
Not all our current e-commerce system providers do provide a mechanism that fit our needs to immediately deliver product Activation Keys. Also, because of the high rate of internet fraud, verifying each internet order is the best way to protect the online consumer. This is the reason for the delay in delivering your Activation Key.


Why don’t I get a reply on my e-mail?
We make every attempt to answer all email we receive within two business days, however, there are times when this is not possible. For example, extended holiday weekends may cause a delay in email response.

Updates and Upgrades:

What is the difference between an Update and an Upgrade?
A software update is made available by free download to customers as a fix for a bug in the software or it is a minor enhancement to the software. Updates sometimes include new options which support for example the latest Windows service packs. For example release 2.7 is an update from all prior 2.x releases.

A software upgrade is a purchase of a newer version of software you currently use. For example, if you currently use release 1.x and you buy and install release 2.x you’ve just upgraded your software.

Do you offer upgrade discounts for existing customers?
Existing customers can purchase an upgrade license which rewards existing customers with a 40% discount off the new full product purchase price.

Unfortunately we can not offer any additional discount for non-commercial licenses as for example educational licenses and student licenses.

I just bought your product and now you release an upgrade?
You’re entitled to a free product upgrade if you have placed your order within 6 months prior to the official release date of the upgraded version.

Contact Us:

What is your company address?

Our postal and office address is: No-Nonsens inc.
Fruithoeve 19
6846 JG Arnhem
the Netherlands

What is the best way to contact you?
If you wish to contact our development team, our marketing department, our technical staff, or even our management team the best way to do so is to use our contact form.

What is the best way to ask technical questions?
Ask “technical questions”, “how to” questions and “future requests” about our products always by using our support page and discussion forum.

By posting on our forum you are not only helping other users, you will also get a quicker response from our technical staff.

Can I contact you by fax or phone?
Direct support by fax or phone is currently not supported. Please use our contact form to contact us.