100% renewable energy

It is our first priority to use as little energy as possible by operating our office sustainable. We’ve been working towards 100% renewable electricity as a global goal for 2020 However we’ve have achieved this goal ahead of time in 2019. In 2015 we’ve started using electricity from our partially owned wind turbine “Blauwe Reiger”, located in the north-west of the Netherlands. In 2016 we’ve extended our interest in sustainable energy by purchasing solar panels in the newly developed solar park “Zonnewijde”, located in the south of the Netherlands. Two years later we’ve doubled our interest in the “Blauwe Reiger” wind turbine. Together these two sources of renewable energy, from 2018 on, provide more than sufficient sustainable energy to keep our office running. Finally in 2019 we’ve connected our office building to the local district heating network. This network heats homes and offices by circulating heat water produced by the incineration of residual waste at the AVR waste plant.

Wind turbine Blauwe Reiger

Solar park Zonnewijde