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user profile removal tool

This is the list of Frequently-Asked Questions about No-Nonsens inc. products. It has answers to most of the common questions people ask about Remote Profile Cleaner. Besides the FAQ provides answers to all kind of global questions, for example about ordening, support and product delivery, The FAQ is intended as a first resource for users, authors, developers, and the interested reader.

Remote Profile CleanerWhy Remote Profile Cleaner? Can any ordinary user clean profiles with Remote Profile Cleaner? Is it safe to use Remote Profile Cleaner? I removed a profile by accident, can I restore it? I thought Remote Profile Cleaner was released as freeware? I thought Remote Profile Cleaner was released as donationware? Ordering and Taxes How can I place an order? What types of credit cards do you accept? How can I obtain a written quote? Do you accept purchase orders? What is a Product ID and where can I find it? Do the prices in your webstore include taxes? What is VAT ID and where do I enter it? Why do I not receive my activation key? Can I order a CD from your products? Do you work with resellers? I am purchasing on behalf of someone else. How can I transfer the purchase? Is it possible to register to an imaginary name? Special Pricing Do you offer discounts to educational organizations? Do you offer volume discounts? Payments Do you offer refunds? How do you process payments? We want to make a wire transfer. What currencies do you accept? Product Delivery How do I obtain my activation key? What should I do if I do not receive my activation key? Why don't I receive my activation key immediately after ordering? E-mail Can I use my free e-mail account to order a product? Why don't you answer my e-mail? Why are you sending SPAM to me? Updates and Upgrades. What is the difference between an Update and an Upgrade? Do you offer upgrade discounts for existing customers? I just bought your product and now you release an upgrade? Contact. What is your address? What is the best way to contact you? What is the best way to ask technical questions? Can I contact you by fax or phone?