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Adobe Illustrator Scripts

A small collection of Illustrator scripts basicly written for ourselves, mostly covering import and export for large maps from ArcGis to Illustrator and from Illustrator to Photoshop. All scripts are published under GNU General Public License Version 3 and are free of charge.

Export Illustrator layers to Photoshop files
Export Illustrator layers to Illustrator files
Sort objects to layers by object fill color
Create color chart for print proof

Export Illustrator layers to Photoshop files

Exporting large files to Photoshop, including the layer structure, often results in an "out of memory" error. This script exports the Illustrator file layer by layer to Photoshop trying to reduce problems related to large or complex Illustrator documents and available memory. Settings like Color Mode, DPI etc. can be set before exporting. After the export is completed the exported layers can easily be reassembled in Photoshop by using the default "Load Files into Stack" function (File » Scripts » Load Files into Stack).

SaveDrawingToLayersPSD.jsx(zip) Mirror 1: Netherlands

Export Illustrator layers to Illustrator files

This script will create an Illustrator AI file from each Illustrator layer within the current document.

SaveDrawingToLayersAI.jsx(zip) Mirror 1: Netherlands

Sort objects to layers by object fill color

After exporting ArcGIS files to the Illustrator *.ai format all the legends are merged together into layers. This script will re-arrange objects, based on there fill color, to corresponding "fill color named" layers (the object's fill color will be used as layer names). After the script is finised you only have to rename your layers as you prefer (for example to the corresponding legend names).

ReleaseObjectsToLayersByFillColor.jsx(zip) Mirror 1: Netherlands

Create CMYK color chart for print proof

Creating a color chart was never simpler. This script creates a 12 page document with no less than 951 CMYK colors to chooce from. All you need to do is to set the prefered Color Profile (working space), run the script and export the result to a PDF file (and all is done with no more than 3 mouse clicks).

This script requires Adobe Illustrator CS5 or higher.

ColorChart.jsx(zip) Mirror 1: Netherlands
Example_Color_Chart.pdf(pdf) Mirror 1: Netherlands

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We always appreciate feedback, your input is invaluable to us in developing and continuing to improve our Adobe Illustrator scripts.

Thank you in advance for your participation,