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technical symbols for architects

CADsymbols for Adobe Illustrator CS are vector based symbol collections for adding professional looking CAD symbols to your Illustrator designs.

The CADsymbols for Adobe Illustrator CS collection contains hunderds of usefull technical and architectural symbols for both architects and landscape architects.

All symbols are accessible through the Illustrator symbols palette and easy editable within Adobe Illustrator. The CADsymbols collection is compatible with Illustrator CS, Illustrator CS2, Illustrator CS3 and Illustrator CS4.

What CADsymbol libraries are available?

At this moment we have a large Trees symbol library, including 150 plan view trees and 72 front view trees.

Tree library collection:150 Trees in Plan View
72 Trees in Front View

To view the symbols of each palette click on one of the symbol palettes below.

Illustrator symbols      Illustrator symbols

(click on image to view palette collections)

Key features for CADsymbols for Adobe Illustrator CS - CS4:

  • Hunderds of directly usable symbols
  • All symbols are vector based
  • All symbols are royalty free within the license agreement
  • All symbols can be adjusted in scale and color


The CADsymbols for Illustrator CS collection is currently released as freeware. The complete collection is available as a compressed (zip) archive and can be downloaded from the links on the bottom of this page. No serial number or registration is needed in order to use your copy of the Trees symbol library.

Download documentation

Release info:

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Mirror dowload locations:

CADsymbols Trees Overview Mirror 1: Netherlands
CADsymbols Tree Symbols Plan View Mirror 1: Netherlands
CADsymbols Tree Symbols Front View Mirror 1: Netherlands